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Rendering of jaw with dental crown from Sparkle Dental BostonWe here at Sparkle Dental offer the best restorative solutions to all your dental problems. Do you have a cracked or decayed tooth that is far too damaged to be treated by fillings? Our clinic offers dental crowning procedures that will help return that bright smile, good as new.

Going About the Dental Crown Procedure

Our clinic provides dental crown services, which will usually take two appointments to complete. During our patient's first session, our dentist will evaluate if the tooth or teeth to be treated are viable for dental crowns. Once the evaluation is complete and our patient is approved for this procedure, our dentist will either file the tooth down or fill it in to ensure that it is the right size to accommodate the dental crown.

Once the damaged tooth has been filed or filled into its proper shape, our dentist will then take an impression of the tooth and the area surrounding it. This mold will be taken to our dental lab, wherein we will begin crafting the permanent crown that will be placed during the second session. For the meantime, our dentist will be placing a temporary crown to protect the tooth until your next visit.

Once the permanent crown has been prepared, our staff will inform you of your next appointment. During this session, the temporary crown will be replaced by the permanent crown. Our dentist will be using a particular type of adhesive to secure the crown over the tooth properly.

We also inform our patients that the permanent crown may feel awkward at first, but this should only take a few days until the patient adapts to the difference in sensation. This "getting used to" phase is perfectly normal and should not pose any concern whatsoever.

Different Types of Dental Crowns

Our clinic offers several options in regards to our dental crown procedure. We provide a variety of materials for the dental crown procedure. For example, our patients can choose from porcelain, ceramic, resin, and stainless steel. Our dentist will explain, in detail, the differences between each crown type and help patients decided the best option for their particular case.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are designed explicitly for particular orthodontic cases. Teeth that are considerably damaged due to tooth decay or chips/cracks may need crowns to repair. A dental crown is also considered for patients who have undergone root canal treatment; the dental crown will be able to help protect the restored tooth as it recovers. Dental crowns are also considered for teeth whitening procedure, specifically the use of porcelain, ceramic, and resin crowns.

Visit Us for a Full Evaluation

If you are interested in having a dental crown, or placing a new crown on a dental implant, our clinic offers the safest and most reliable crown procedures. Our highly skilled dentists and staff will ensure your procedure stays as comfortable and smooth as possible. You can visit our clinic or contact us at Sparkle Dental at (617) 430-6404 for additional inquiries and concerns. Our staff will be here to assist you through the procedure.

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