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Rendering of jaw with dental implant from Sparkle Dental BostonThe team here at Sparkle Dental are delighted to help you with dental implants.

Dental implants refer to frames and posts that are positioned surgically into the jawbone under your gums. These implants will be used by our experts to perform teeth replacement on the implants.

How They Work

Artificial teeth are given support by implants that fuse to the jawbone ridges.

Dentures also mount on implants to prevent them from shifting or slipping in your mouth. This makes eating and speaking comfortably.

You will feel more natural with these implants when used to fit bridges, dentures and crowns compared to conventional dentures and bridges.

Your option may also be limited to dental implants in case you have poor ridges, sore spots, or gagging, making ordinary dentures and bridges quite uncomfortable.

The advantage of implants over ordinary bridges is that they do not require the grinding down or preparation of adjacent teeth during the placement procedure.

One of the requirements you will need to meet when coming to us for dental implants is that your gums should be healthy, and you should also have adequate bone to support the implant.

Coming in to keep the implant structure healthy is also a necessary consideration, which can be achieved by regular visits to our office. Despite implants being more expensive than most methods used for tooth replacement, they are a long-term solution to your tooth problems.

Types of Implants

When you visit us, we will give you an option between two primary dental implants considered safe by the American Dental Association.

The first type is the endosteal implants, which involves surgical implantation of the implants into the jawbone in a direct procedure. Our team of experts will then give the surrounding tissues time to heal.

You will then need a second surgery, which will be performed to ensure the post is in concord to the original implant. The final process involves attaching an artificial tooth to the individual post or in a group as a bridge and denture.

The second type of dental implant performed by our team of professionals is subperiosteal implants.

These comprise of a perfect fitting of a metal frame onto your jawbone just under the gum tissue. The frame remains fixed onto the jawbone as the healing process, so the gum takes place.
Attached posts to the frame will project through the gums allowing the mounting of artificial teeth.

It will take approximately three months for your jawbone to grow over the screw which holds the implant into position, making it stronger. The waiting period is important as it allows the implant to be completely incorporated before the replacement is done.

The number of implants that our professionals will place on your teeth will depend on your bone’s quality and volume. Good health also makes you eligible for dental implants.

You will be advised to refrain from heavy drinking and smoking to help with fast healing of your teeth.

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