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Rendering of removable partial denture from Sparkle Dental in Dorchester, MAHere at Sparkle Dental, we understand how difficult it can be to do simple things such as chewing or simply talking when you're missing teeth. Moreover, while this can be frustrating, they're not the only reasons to look into getting a denture.

It's also a great benefit to your oral health, especially if you only need a partial denture. You don't want to have your teeth move out of place and negatively alter your jaw's alignment, affecting your smile and your bite.

Fortunately, our team of dentists is ready to design your own complete or partial custom denture that is comfortable for you and effortlessly integrates with your teeth. Continue reading to discover each denture's unique benefits.

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are better suited for those who have lost all their teeth. If you visited our office already missing all of your teeth, or your teeth had to be extracted during your visit, complete dentures can be your solution for both scenarios.

If your teeth had to be extracted, we'll set you up with a temporary denture so your gum tissue can heal properly. This is also called an immediate denture since it's given right after extraction, so you don't have to be toothless while we create your permanent denture.

But it's still important to remember that you'll need to continue to visit our office so we can adjust the denture as your gums and bone change shape and heal. Once your permanent denture is done, we'll make sure it fits you properly. Please remember that immediate dentures are only temporary and are not intended to be used long-term.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures, on the other hand, are only designed to replace a couple of teeth, yet they're more complete than a traditional bridge. If, for example, multiple consecutive teeth are missing on both sides of an arch, then the best option for you would be a partial denture. If you're only missing a couple of teeth, the rest can quickly start moving out of place if you don't have a denture.

Complete vs Partial Dentures

Aside from the number of teeth being replaced, these dentures differ in the way they are fitted. Complete dentures are able to use natural suction, saliva, other teeth, and your mouth's anatomical structure in order to stay in place.

On the other hand, partial dentures need a metal framework supported by the outline of your bone and gums, to support them and help them stay in place. Metal connectors are also added to your healthy teeth so they can stabilize the partial denture.

How Are These Dentures Created?

Fabricating a denture can take multiple weeks and various sessions to be completed. After our team identifies the right denture for you, we'll get impressions and measurements of your jaw and mouth. We'll then create models identical to the specifications of your future denture.

After we test the model on you and analyze the fit, shape, and color, we will cast your final denture. After it's cast, you'll return for a final evaluation where we'll be able to adjust as necessary so you're as comfortable as possible.

For more information about complete or partial dentures, or to schedule a consultation, call the experienced professionals here at Sparkle Dental at (617) 430-6404 today!

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Our team of dentists is ready to design your own complete or partial custom denture that is comfortable for you and effortlessly integrates with your teeth.
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