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Sweaty boy with mouthguard in his mouth provided from Sparkle Dental in Dorchester, MAWe at Sparkle Dental are your best option when you are looking for sports mouthguards. They are an essential requirement for anyone that is in sports because they protect your teeth. The guards protect against someone punching your teeth in if you are a boxer, and hurting your teeth if you fall. If you didn't know the guards only cover your upper teeth. This is because they are more vulnerable to injury than the lower ones.

While you can buy these devices in a shop or order online, our dentists do not recommend it. This is because they may not fit correctly, hence will offer no protection at all for your teeth. It is an excellent investment that you will be glad for since it will fit like a glove and your teeth remain protected. That is why you should set up an appointment with us to get it done.

Getting Them Custom Made

There is a massive difference between a store-bought guard and a custom one made by our dentist. Not only does it fit better, but it is also more comfortable to wear over long periods without effects. When you come in for the custom made guard, our dentist will need an impression of your teeth. You will be asked to bite into a mold that will capture the size and shape of your teeth. Our dentist will use this to create a custom guard for you.

Some of the benefits of a custom made guard for your mouth are that they are easier on your jaw, and it is easier to speak with them on. We can create your guard in any color that you would like to match your uniform, or just because you like it. If you are young and still growing, you may need a replacement regularly to accommodate the changes happening. All of this is while maintaining your safety and comfort.

Receiving the Guards

We ensure that the guard is ready for you within a few days. You will have to try it on first to find out if it fits. If it is not a perfect fit, our dentist can make some adjustments right there, so you get to go home with your set. You need to remember that the guards only work if you wear them; otherwise, we should expect you back soon enough to fix your broken teeth. It is, however, no joking matter, an injury of that magnitude can be quite painful and dangerous.

If you prefer, we can make several of them for you, so you have some spares in case they are needed. In case you go home, and the guards feel a bit uncomfortable, don't worry, even a custom-made set takes a while to feel just right. However, if there is any pain, then you should come in, and we will be happy to make any necessary adjustments.

If you have any queries, we are happy to address them Contact us Sparkle Dental at (617) 430-6404 today.

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At Sparkle Dental in Dorchester, we can make a custom guard for your mouth. They are easier on your jaw, and it is easier to speak with them on. Call today!
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