Oral Cancer Screening

A smiling dental patientHere at Sparkle Dental, we offer oral cancer screening to our patients to allow for early detection. The testing is done by our dentists if you are at a high risk of getting cancer or as a routine check. The test is pretty simple and straightforward, so you don't need to do any prior preparation. It is a checkup that you can request done on your next visit, or schedule an appointment for.

We recommend that you come in for screening since just like with any other cancer, mouth cancer is easier to treat at the early stages. During this stage, before it has had a chance to grow and affect other tissues in your mouth, you can get treatment, which may involve surgery, and make a full recovery. If you are a heavy smoker or drinker, you run a higher risk of getting the disease, which is why you should come in for a checkup often.

The Testing Procedure

Our dentist will check for any white or red sores or patches in your mouth using gloved hands. The process is pretty straightforward and should only take a few minutes. He or she will also feel the inside of your mouth for any abnormalities in the tissues. During this time, it is good to be attentive, so if there is any pain, then our dentist can address it.

There are instances when our dentist may request you to get some more tests done. This is usually in cases where you run a high risk of getting the disease, or the checkup was inconclusive. Do not be afraid since this is also very easy and quick. We will ask you to swish some blue liquid in your mouth. The fluid helps in making any abnormal tissues more visible so your dentist can be sure. Our dentist may also ask you to open your mouth and, using a special light, he will take another look into your mouth. The light makes cancer cells look white, so they are easier to identify.

After the Screening

We may ask you to come in for another testing after a couple of weeks to be sure that you don't have mouth cancer. Since the testing is harmless, you should be fine to go about your daily activities. However, if you notice any of the patches, either red or white in your mouth, you should call immediately to get checked. Otherwise, you shouldn't worry if our dentist suggested the screening. We usually use it as a precaution for our patients.

It is crucial that you don't ignore any cancer-like symptoms since early detection is best to get you on treatment immediately. If you have never had a cancer screening like this done before, you can call us to set it up. Trust in us to help ensure that your mouth is healthy and cancer-free.

If you have any questions or need more information, you can call us Sparkle Dental on (617) 430-6404 any day. Our team of professionals looks forward to seeing you.

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We recommend that you come in for screening since just like with any other cancer, mouth cancer is easier to treat at the early stages. Call us today (617) 430-6404
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