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Woman smiling with inlays and onlays from Sparkle Dental in Dorchester, MAHere at Sparkle Dental, we can perform inlay or onlay work to restore your tooth and make it stronger. When the biting surface of a back tooth needs a restoration, the best choice is often an inlay or onlay made of porcelain or resin, especially if the tooth isn't too damaged as to need a crown.

If a person's tooth has too much damage on their tooth for a filling, but not enough damage to merit a crown, they're considered a perfect candidate for inlays and onlays. This lets us preserve a larger portion of your original tooth.

Benefits of Inlays & Onlays

Both inlays and onlays are very durable, especially when compared with metal fillings. They're made from resistant materials that can last up to thirty years. This also means that they end up strengthening the tooth by as much as seventy-five percent.

This is already a great improvement over metal fillings which actually end up weakening the tooth by as much as fifty percent. Moreover, finally, inlays and onlays help extend the tooth's life as well and also reduce the chances of needing dental treatment in the future.

It's important to point out the difference between the two. Inlays are similar to fillings so they fit on the inside of the top edges of your tooth. Onlays are larger and can extend over the top edges of the tooth being treated.

What is the Procedure?

For inlays and onlays to be completed, we'll set two appointments for you so they're fully bonded with the tooth in the end. Both have very similar procedures since during your first appointment, we'll start by using anesthetics to numb the area, and then move on to remove the decay by drilling. This helps clean and prepare the tooth for the inlay or onlay.

Using a tray with dental putty, we'll take an impression of the tooth being treated. We'll then send that impression to our lab where we will create your inlay or onlay, making sure it properly fits your tooth.

Inlays and onlays are typically made out of porcelain since it's the most similar to a tooth's natural color. However, they can also be made from resin and even gold. While we wait for the inlay or onlay to be created, we'll make a temporary cover or filling to protect your tooth for the next appointment.

During your second appointment, we'll remove the temporary cover or filling and check to make sure the inlay or onlay fits properly. Once it fits properly, we'll secure it in place using a strong resin adhesive. To complete the treatment, we polish the tooth, so it's smooth and aesthetically pleasing.

Each visit will take about one hour, but the first appointment will be the longest since we need to prepare your tooth for the inlay or onlay. In most cases you will feel mild discomfort after the procedure, but the pain will subside, and you'll get used to your tooth's new texture and surface soon.

If you want to know more about inlays and onlays, or to schedule a consultation, call the experienced professionals here at Sparkle Dental at (617) 430-6404 today!

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When a tooth needs restoration, the best choice is often an inlay or onlay made of porcelain or resin, especially if the tooth isn't too damaged. Call today!
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